An independent and trusted source of knowledge and support to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and marketing teams.

Stop wasting money on ineffective digital marketing.

Digital marketing today is incredibly complex. It’s common for business owners to feel overwhelmed.

I work directly with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives to help them make informed and empowered decisions and save tens of thousands of dollars on digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

An independent analysis of all your digital marketing efforts to evaluate performance and value.


What's working, and what's not!

Running a business is incredibly challenging. Marketing, while essential, is only a segment of the complex set of actions required to build a successful business. My digital marketing audit provides businesses and business owners with a high-resolution snapshot of their marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Coach

Digital Marketing Coach

An independent and trusted source of knowledge and support to business leaders and the leadership team.

Get Better Results, Faster!

As a digital marketing coach, I can help you select the right digital marketing professionals for your business. I can help you to evaluate the performance of these professionals, and act as an extra voice for the business in brainstorming and strategy sessions. 

Fractional CMO - Alastair Thompson

Fractional CMO

All of the benefits of a full-time CMO, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Scale your business sustainably!

Is your business ready to grow, but missing an experienced marketing expert? Are your current marketing activities growing, but don’t warrant a full-time CMO? As a fractional CMO, I help to build out your business’s marketing team and revenue operations to where you can consider taking on a full-time CMO.

Insights, mistakes and case studies.

Learning from the mistakes of others is smarter, quicker, and less expensive than learning from our own.

What is a Fractional CMO?

Imagine Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson working on a small indie production. Imagine Lionel Messi playing for your local football club. Imagine getting Elon Musk to raise funds for your school’s PTA. A fractional CMO is something similar. Maybe not the same, but similar.

What is a digital marketing coach?

Ben’s niche was high-end, automatic toilets that did everything for you except the actual, well, you know… And business was booming. The competition was still limited and Ben knew it was time to take the next step. He needed to sell his toilets online. And quickly. So Ben did what any of us might do, he searched on Google for a digital marketing agency. And that’s where things started to go wrong.