I believe we were born to be amazing!

I’m a transformation and transition coach to individuals, and groups. I’ve lived and worked on 5 continents. I’m a business consultant, a mentor to executives, and an advisor for tech startups. I have founded two successful businesses. In the course of my twenty-five-year career, I’ve transformed myself from an engineer to a teacher to an entrepreneur to a marketing executive to a coach.

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My Core Values

Alastair Thompson mentor and coach - Integrity
Alastair Thompson mentor and coach - Commitment
Alastair Thompson mentor and coach - Courage
Alastair Thompson mentor and coach - Compassion
Alastair Thompson mentor and coach - Service

"I highly recommend Alastair"

It was a pleasure working with Alastair. I highly recommend him. He works collaboratively, is very knowledgeable and you can trust him completely.

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"He played a key role in our success"

Alastair was the strategy lead on our launch of the Sutro pool monitor and he played a key role in its success. I highly recommend him.

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Believe in you. Believe in your DREAMS.

Inspirational, Transformational Coaching

I work with new and established businesses to structure their teams and processes and help them scale their business locally, nationally, and globally.​

Transition Coaching

Let me help you to step out of your comfort zone and grow into the relationships, career, and amazing life that you were born to live.

I work with professionals and teams to improve creativity, imagination, confidence, and productivity so we can build a better world together.​

Relocation Coaching

Living abroad is both exhilarating and challenging. Let me help you make the transition into a bold, new, abundant life.

I work with individuals, start-ups, and established businesses to build out teams and campaigns driven by a sense of purpose, that are inspired, and that inspire others.​

Professional Coaching

Join me on a journey of discovery to clarify your intentions and define a path to finding true alignment in your career and your life.

Be inspired to be the best version of yourself

Take the leap

Reap the benefits

Alastair Thompson mentor and coach
Trusted on 5 continents


I’ve worked with individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors, and professionals on 5 continents.

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Mike Lewandowski

You can count on Alastair. He leads with clarity and transparency. I highly recommend him.

Founder, SalesGenomics

Alastair Thompson consulting client

Jarie Bolander

Alastair knows his stuff cold. If you get the chance to work with Alastair, jump at it!

Writer & Entrepreneur

Erasmus Pretorius

There is no way I can recommend Alastair enough! He worked with me to get exactly what I was looking for.

Director, The Accounting Team

Frederic Piovezan

The big difference is his approach: clear, collaborative, and completely honest. With his guidance I was able to expand my business. Thank you, Alastair.

Director, Wizard Language Schools

PJ O'Malley

Alastair knows what he’s doing. He worked with me to help build my business and today we are selling more than ever before. Thank you!

Founder, Crystal Heart Empowerment Crystals

A Unique 6 Step Program

Discover your gift, develop your gift, and then give it away every day.
Don Meyer


What it is that we want to do? And how do we know when we have achieved our goals?


Where are now? We take inventory of our current spiritual, personal, financial and professional realities so we can move forward with clarity.


How do we get there? We explore the options and pathways we have to meet each of our goals. We share them, explore them, and develop a plan and support network.


What action can we take now? We set our plan in action and define the checkpoints, KPIs, and check-ins with our accountability partners along the path we have chosen to reach our goal.


Is it really possible? We explore our beliefs about ourselves, our abilities, and our world. We look at our past and the choices we have made, and how our experiences and our beliefs affect our choices. We learn to trust ourselves, and others.


Are we being true to ourselves? Are our actions aligned with our purpose? This is where we examine our motives, honestly. We share our progress, our doubts, and our fears with our accountability partner., 

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